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Most Searched Recipes by State

ETA y'all are already discussing this. Move along folks, nothing to see here!

I saw this on our local radio station's FB (although they didn't source it so I just got a screen grab and this text):

Most Google-searched regional Thanksgiving recipe in Louisiana? Mirliton Casserole. (No surprise.) And the states around Louisiana have some pretty tasty-sounding searches, too.

But curiosity demands answers about these names, though: why is Illinois so hot on "Hawaiian Salad"? Wisconsin, what's a "brownberry? And Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado, that dish can't be what it sounds like, or you wouldn't all love it so much. And uh, North Carolina... we're sure it's delicious but we're a little confused.

May the funny names for beloved regional dishes never fade away.

All I have to say, though, is: "Fruit salad, Montana? Really?"


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