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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Mothereffin' Couchsurfing...

BoyFloreat and I are going to Belfast soon for his birthday (Game of Thrones tour!!) so to keep the cost down I signed up for Couchsurfing. We've found a guy to host us and he seems ok. A bit weird. But harmless weird. So that's fine.

I've made it very clear in my profile that I *live* with my boyfriend. But that hasn't stopped messages asking to meet up and be a tourguide from guys who are obviously just after a temporary girlfriend while they visit the city.


For example, today I got this message:

Hi [Floreat],
I just see ur profile and pics which r so fabulous, the people who took these pics for u must know how to make ur beauty appears in the best way! And I think that u r the people who I really want to hang out with in a city which is strange for me. I plan to arrive in [city] on [date] to watch the musical Cats and then visit the city for 2 or 3 days, and then continue my UK tour. I have a healthy and clean living habit that would not bother u or make ur home messy.

I would be very grateful if u have time to host me or be my tour guide, maybe more:)


I mean, yeah it could be a language thing but I get this shit all the time and "weirdly" BoyFloreat doesn't. Just random dudes wanting to meet for drinks with me, so I can "introduce them to the city". Fuck that, no. I love meeting new people, especially travellers, but jesus, don't open by trying to compliment my appearance.

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