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Motherfuckers and their motherfucking bans (gimme audiobook recs)

I’m going to be flying to and from Istanbul within the next few weeks and woke up to find that electronics bigger than phones have been banned on flights coming in from Ataturk Airport.

I was going to try to do progress reports and get some lesson planning done while there, but I really don’t want to check my laptop. Even iPads and Kindles are banned.

At first I was glad that our government was banning my electronics rather than my Turkish citizen husband, but I’m sure my mind will change by hour 6 of a 13-hour flight. He’s cool and all, but not iPad Cool.


Since everyone here has excellent taste, can I get some audiobook recommendations? Whatever is striking your fancy these days.

I’m half-Mexican and my husband’s a Muslim Turk. Cross your fingers that they let us back into this country (that’s half joking, btw.)

We live in shitty times.

ETA: It looks like Turkish Airlines is not affected by the ban- hope that’s true.

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