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Motherfuckin' GHOSTS, y'all

Some of you remember when I told y'all about my spooky ass childhood encounter with something seemingly super-natural.


Besides that one incident, there was just something always WRONG about the place. I had strange, vivid dreams there, all set in a Victorian parlor. My brother saw a "Man in White" in the woods with friends once and also swears he saw a woman in the parlor, who disappeared. Just random, creepy shit, mostly.

Well, I was relieved when my parents, in the wake of my grandmother's death, finally sold the spooky fucking house where all this happened. We sold it to a total stranger who, I kid you not, proceeded to barricade it with an enormous fence. He doesn't seem to speak a lot of English. In other words, we're not friendly with the guy.

Until he came up the driveway of my cousin, who still lives down the street. He was agitated and asked her if she knew anything about the house being haunted. She kind of said, "Not really," (lol) but he pressed her about it. Finally the guy asks, "Who is the man in all white? And who is the woman in the long gown? We all keep seeing them around the house and yard."

Oh THOSE ghosts!

Then my cousin, who NEVER told us this, says, "The man isn't a bad spirit. Pappy [great-grandfather] always said he had no ill intentions, that he'd seen him all his life and was the ghost of a preacher who died in the plantation house years around the Civil War." Apparently, we were all seeing the motherfucker but no one was telling anyone else about it, probably thinking the rest of the family would think we were crazy.


So riddle me this, hivemind: How could this stranger, who knows NOTHING about our family, and who would never have heard about this shit (since we've never discussed it, even among ourselves), have just made this all up?! And how have we ALL been seeing the same people?! Further, my great-great grandfather literally never told a lie in his entire life. He was NOT the sort of dude to be making up bullshit about dead preachers and such.

And who the FUCK is the woman?!



This is the old family plantation house — what's left of it. I couldn't grab a shot of my grandmother's house because of the damn fence.

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