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Motherhood and Marijuana Legalization

"If you are a responsible drinker and don't wreck your car into my family, steal from us, beat any of us up and just want to chill with any alcoholic beverage on your own time at a bar or your home, that is really none of my business. I also engage in a drink or two myself. Who am I to judge? However, let's agree that by comparison, the possibility for unsavory incidents is a lot higher with alcohol than it will ever be with cannabis."

What do you think about parenting and using Cannabis? Unfairly maligned? It might change as legalization gains steam and marijuana continues to be destigmatized. I had friends whose parents smoked weed recreationally. The kids turned out to be really chill though they did seem to like Doritos a lot. But seriously, they were good parents. I've known moms with young children who talked about worrying what people would think about their occasional marijuana smoking. Especially because their behavior is so over-policed anyway. I think it took weeks for them to admit it because they thought I'd report them. Smoking a little weed does not seem to constitute child endangerment but somehow it can be seen as so much serious than an occasional drink by the public or even the system (though that is changing).


I think all things in moderation. Drinking. Marijuana. Television watching. The internet. Moderation. (I could stand to use that more myself) I think it's fine in adulthood (though not as healthy on the developing brain with teenagers but then neither is alcohol).

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