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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Motherhood, family planning, mortgages by race, doll collectors, women on wall street, tv criticism, big data, and more

When no gender fits: a quest to be seen as just a person, from the Washington Post. On Quartz, how Netflix and Amazon became leaders in humane portrayals of transgender characters.

The doll collecting copper queen of 5th Avenue.

The woman who refused to back down from the Feds and Goldman Sachs was of course...fired for doing her job.


A mother tells a heartbreaking poem on her vanishing country and climate change. Also, the relationship between climate change and family planning, and why we don't want to talk about it. Also a record share of americans have never been married.

On not being a mother, and becoming a child advocate.

Love is not algorithmic. Sometimes.

Breaking down mortgages by race. (guess how minorities fare!)

Using data to fight racist and sexist hiring practices.

Why TV criticism is so bad, and best musical moments in Veronica Mars. Orphan Black writer's pet project on love and quantum mechanics.


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