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Mother's Day gift - help!

I know, I know. Mother’s Day was yesterday. But my mom’s coming to visit me ten days from now (yay) because I need surgery (boo). I figured I could just give her a gift in person instead of shipping it out there.

Anyway, I had the idea of getting together a small spa package and do “in-home spa day(s)“ as a Mother’s Day gift and a thank you gift for flying across the country to help her preternaturally clumsy kid recover from getting a zombie knee!


This is what I have so far:

-homemade face scrub (and possibly a lip scrub) that she can take home with her.

-in-home manicure

-face mask - and possibly hand/foot treatments too


I feel like three things is not enough. Maybe a bath bomb?

I have some face/lip scrub recipes and enough for manicures. But for the face mask - I was thinking of going to Lush and seeing what smells best. Same for the hand/feet stuff. Do you all have any suggestions for those...or more?

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