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Mother's Day is evil

I’ve never had so many people I love in pain as they are this week.

Please stop telling me I won’t know love until I’m a mother and have children. I don’t want children, and I’m too old. But thanks.

Needs to stop: The endless FB posts about how great people’s mothers are and the pictures of presents they got. Why do you need validation from strangers? Just TELL YOUR CHILD OR YOUR MOTHER directly that you love them. If they are gone and you want to share memories of them with your siblings or friends, great. Sharing with your dentist? No.


My friend who lost her mother has been tortured all week by the endless mother’s day commentary. My heart breaks for her- there’s just nowhere to escape.

My friend who has lost children to miscarriage is also in bed crying because she’ll never have a mother’s day.

I miss the days when people just celebrated whatever they celebrated in their homes, and spoke their love directly to the person they loved, without needing the validation of strangers.

Love to everyone who had a shitty mom or can’t have kids or doesn’t want them. We all deserve presents and love and to feel special and we deserve to be loved, kids or not.

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