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Mothra: Feminist Hero?

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Is Mothra, a famous kaiju from the Godzilla film series, a feminist hero? Let us look at the facts.

Mothra is a gigantic, moth-like insect that lives on the tropical Infant Island, and is worshiped as a deity. Because Mothra is gender-identified as female (and gives birth to eggs several times in the film series), it can be assumed that the islanders worship Mothra as a Goddess.

Mothra seems to be a benevolent deity, not having a reign of terror on the island. In fact, Mothra only fights to protect itself, it's allies, or planet earth. This definitely categorizes Mothra with many eco-feminists. A pair of small fairy twins roll with Mothra wherever she goes, speaking for her and singing her into battle.

Although Mothra sometimes aligns with Godzilla, when Godzilla is feeling less magnanimous, Mothra and her offspring have beaten the shit out of Godzilla in battle. Mothra and Godzilla are seemingly forgiving and ethical creatures, as no harm was done and they occasionally team up in future films, fighting for the greater good. Mothra also wrecks some serious havoc when the fairies that speak for her are held against their will, destroying everything in order for them to be released on their own autonomous terms.

Mothra is a champion of eco-feminist values (although she is also responsible for destroying some cities to defend them) and is a bad ass Mom. Is Mothra a feminist hero? I think the answer can be a resounding "yes."


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