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Motivate me!

Last week tragedy struck suddenly and without warning in the form of a forboding metalic "ping-pong" sound, a grey screen, and a blinking "?" from my trusty MacBook Pro (now almost 5 years old). Apple gave me a new drive and sent me home with the old one. Luckily, Foxylocksley has a Time Machine (the network back-up contraption, not a Delorian...sadly) and almost all of my stuff was salvaged (so amazing btw, I hightly reccomend it) except one paper that was due the very day it crashed. The tragic irony is that I had just finished the paper and was about to submit it to the class dropbox, but I thought to myself "Bagel, you should just give it one more look-over after class and then submit it" and then....gone. My professor is understanding, and is cool with the fact that I have not turned it in yet (and believes me because I had three witnesses to the horrific sound and subsequent grey screen) but I just need to get it done. However, even though it is totally not a difficult paper (5ish pages, semi-reflective—not nearly as bad as when I lost 12 pages of my MA thesis) something about losing that first copy is making me have the absolute worst case of the I-don't-wannas. Instead of rewriting I have spent the last few days wallowing in self-pitty, trying to revive the old drive (I took it home, got one of those enclosure things, have tried multiple suggestions from the internets, have almost definitely made it worse but I doubt it was ever getting better), and not doing any work (unless a Criminal Minds marathon and some light kitchen cleaning count as work). However, I have now hit the point where I am probably in danger of not turning it in within a reasonable time and I have other assignments looming, so I just need to get it done. Unfortunately, curling up in a ball and eating cheese doesn't seem to be working (and Penelope Garcia is not available to work magic on my drive and show me how to put on lipstick), so I may need a little motivation.

So, GT, how do you psych yourself up to get stuff done?

Also, since y'all seem to like pig pictures, I thought I would share the current view from my desk (I built it so one edge intersects my desk and it is made out of plexiglass for maximum piggie viewing):


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