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Sorry if the pic is huge. I'm on my phone, and I'm dumb about that stuff anyway.

So last year my husband and I got on a pretty serious fitness kick. We were eating healthier because I refused to buy the junk that I had been bringing home. We started the Couch 2 5k app which was major for me. I never saw myself as a runner (still don't), but at least I attempted to move myself beyond a brisk walk. It was incredibly difficult for me. I was embarrassed that I was in such poor shape. My husband was patient, slowing down his own progress to stay with me. He also attempted to vocally motivate me as we ran which led to me saying some really unpleasant things, along the lines of "One more word, and you die." So that didn't last long. Anyway, we also decided to do a daily workout. We got a DVD that we both liked, and worked out to it six days a week. It was pretty killer, considering our prior lack of physical activity. Hell, I rarely break a sweat during sex. I am that potato up there.


We kept this new routine up for about four months. It was awesome. The actual exercise itself sucked ass, but we both felt better than we had in years. I wasn't constantly bloated and irritable from eating shitty food. I could work in the house or in the garden for longer than twenty minutes at a time. My ass tightened up! It was fucking great. Then it got cold.

I attempted to find a treadmill on CL, but the ones in good condition were well out of our price range. So running got put on the back burner. And as with all things slippery and on a slope, we went without exercising one, two, four days. Before we knew it the hard work we'd spent on building an exercise routine was pissed away. It being winter, so did the diet of fresh veggies and low calorie dishes. Comfort food and, thanks to my SAD, convenience foods won out.

Now I'm ready to get back on track. I haven't gained much weight back, but I have lost the muscle tone I had. I have zero energy again and just generally feel like shit 98 percent of the time. I'm asleep the other 2 percent.

Help? What do you guys do to motivate yourselves? Aside from my old stand-by of berating myself on how lazy and useless I am, I'm at a loss. The past few days have been horrible, and I've resorted to not healthy ways to prevent myself from gaining weight after purging. I'm not proud of this, and I know better. It's the doing better that's so difficult. Any suggestions? Or a cat video or two?

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