I should get out of bed.

I've been awake for several hours, and I've left the bed once.

The rational, practical part of me says that I can't spend the entire day in bed and I need to go to the grocery store why don't I go to Trader Joe's because hey, cheap wine and good cheese and snacks?

The Other part of me says that the bed is comfortable and if I want to go to Trader Joe's, I'd need to put on a bra and pants and it's cold and rainy outside and did I mention the bed is comfortable? Also "I'll stay up and moan. Maybe I'll practice now."

ETA: Another part has chimed in with roommate will be home from her boyfriend's soon and she's so full of vim and vigor. She's probably already gone for a run and gone grocery shopping and got a haircut and went to a museum. What have you accomplished so far? Tea and toast and Psych. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Update: PaperDad seems to have a sixth sense that I'm feeling kinda shitty because he just texted me this photo


with the accompanying message "Hope you feel better with this picture! PaperDog says good morning!"