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Motorcycle Mama!!

I had my first (and last) motorcycle ride this weekend! My friend L. has been riding for, geez, over 40 years, and his wife S. nearly as long, so they said "It's time you got on a bike.

Here's a rare pic of OWYAC in the wild. A rare pic of me at all!


L. and S. said "You're wearing old lady shoes." Well, yeah.

I lasted about 10 blocks. "Let me offffff!!!!" And L. laughed and laughed and said; "You couldn't wait to get off that bike" as I ejected off the back when we pulled into the driveway.

I was ok until he said to hang onto the the back handles, and then I just felt like I was going to fly off; my centre of gravity was off, and I felt completely unstable. Their daughter, who also rides, says she feels the same as a passenger.

So they went up to Manitoulin Island a few weeks ago, which is a ride/drive of several hours, with S. hanging onto the back handles while they're going 120 klics on the highway. I'd have been dead.


Something to cross off my bucket list. Oh wait; it wasn't even ON the bucket list!

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