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Mouse rsi? Tips? -UPDATED

Looking for advice.

I’m developing some rsi in my right pinky, ring finger, dorsal-lateral aspect of my wrist, and up the lateral aspect of my forearm to the elbow. That’s in order of decreasing intensity. It isn’t horrible, but it is annoying and getting worse and I gotta finish my thesis. I think it’s mouse related - I have a thin profile mouse and my click fingers are fine, but my lateral fingers are becoming a problem cos I think I lift them slightly as I’m working. Any mouse product advice, plus treatment advice? No woo. No judgment if woo works for you - but woo has never taken flight for fixing me. Tyvm for all tips!


Eta thanks for all replies. I’ve ordered the logitech one recommended - I hope it works! Meanwhile I’ll try to go lefty... This is gonna be amusing...

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