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Move-in horror stories

Anyone have shitty landlord/previous owner stories?

Omfg when we moved into our new house we had no idea if we could close. The place was a disaster. Our realtor was on the horn with them to clean the place and finish the work they had had 4 weeks to do since our clear to close. It was still filthy when we moved in. The floors, bathtub, and kitchen had barely been touched.

Then we realized in the hour between the final-final walkthrough and close, they had removed at least half of the drapery hardware (which was included in our contact). So, fuck them. But then we realized we had FLEAS. And they’ve just kept popping up in their life cycle and I’m fucking done. The pest guy says it appears to be a situation where they’ve been in the floors and walls because the prior owners didn’t care. No sign of other pests (thank god) but they are coming to irradicated them on tuesday.

So stressful. I just want to enjoy my weekends and not spend them cleaning up every single fuck up from the previous owners.

Bonus pic of the dog we adopted (left) and our scottie (right). He’s a good boy.

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