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Moves like Jagger

So, we adopted Jaggie last Monday (23rd). He was kept in a backroom, in a cage, with GIANT warning signs about how he was violent. Apparently, the first day at the shelter, he shook his carrier so hard it fell and did the same with the cage.

Some workers were afraid to go into the room with him, there were heavy gloves for feeding and cleaning his litter and they were worried he'd never find a home.


Fast forward to tonight...and Jaggie's helping me grade. He loves his wand that a lady gave him in the shelter and though he's still scared and tags us with his claws every now and then, he's adjusting. He follows us around, has dinner when we do, loves his turkey treats. He seems to really want to make friends but isn't sure how. And right after he gets one of us, he immediately rubs himself around us and tries to make friends.

Look at hims! Look at my Jaggie!

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