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Movie Day! : "Ask Me Anything"

I'm on a roll watching movies... and I just wrapped up Ask Me Anything.

Going to talk about here so if you don't want to be spoiled, just check out the trailer below and jump out of this thread. <3

The cast in this movie is awesome. Britt Robertson, who for being so relatively young is a true talent. If you haven't seen her in anything else, give her name a search on Netflix and try out some of her other work. She's in a terrible ABC Family movie called Triple Dog. She's so good and the movie is awesomely bad... DO IT.

Anyway. We've got Martin Sheen, Christian Slater, and Justin Long just to name a few. There are wonderful moments where you meet a character and you go "Oh HEY!" And the familiar helps you have an emotional tie with that character.

The story is pretty simple. Britt portrays Katie/Amy an 18 year old HS senior who's just graduated but wants to defer her college career for a year while she figures her life out. Upon suggestion by a guidance counselor she begins blogging to give herself some accountability. On the surface and in the beginning you wonder "Well that can't be such a bad idea, but your life looks pretty stable." Katie slowly brings you into what's really happening.

She's sleeping with a 32 year old professor who has a girlfriend. She too has a boyfriend, 18 year old unremarkable safe mid-western boy with a short fuse (TW there is a scene with domestic violence involving him and Britt Robertson's Katie/Amy) and a love of six packs. She's living a pretty messy life, but nothing too out of control for a late teen heading into her early twenties. Her step-father is a bit much, her mother is oblivious yet over-bearing at the same time.. and all Katie wants to do is not be told what to do.

But she doesn't seem to know how to go about adulting. Raising the question, does anyone? Katie get's a job at a bookstore owned and operated by Martin Sheen who is the seasoned wise old man we all need in our lives. Except until Katie's parents do some unnecessary digging into the guys life and turn over a case file to Katie informing her she has to quit for some pretend job. Leaving Katie jobless and dependent again. Interesting how parents sometimes do that. Want you to be independent but on their terms.

Briefly here, we meet Athy I believe is her name (it's only said once or twice and it's in a moment of excitement that is a little high pitched and I was doing my make up, apologies)... she is Katie's bff, a young fun brunette. That's about all there is to say about their relationship, she just serves as showing Katie has friends albeit as self-destructive and kind of lost as she is.

Katie being the determined young lady that you're growing to love at this point conjures up another job. Enter a distinguished looking and very handsome Christian Slater. Loving father of one and husband to a brunette actress that was very familiar and I just didn't feel like IMDBing her, my bad guys.. lazy 'journalism'. He does something vague with stocks and the wife is a stay at home mommy who needs help with their baby and a little upkeep of the house. Katie is excited that she's only been unemployed for about 3 movie minutes only to have her mom rain all over her parade. "Well do you have any experience? Did you tell them you didn't?" "NO.. why would I do that? She will just help me figure it out." Mom gives her a blank stare...

I too hate when parents do this... granted just winging it with a baby probably isn't the best idea. But it's not like she'll be alone with the kid all day. Mrs. Christian Slater just needs a helping hand.

Did I mention that during all of this meshugaas Katie's 32 year old boyfriend has decided to move thirty minutes away and effectively abandon Katie? The usual "we'll work it out baby" of the gross older man who's having an affair and has no intentions of working it out. Kind of hoping his problem fades away.

Katie ends up getting a car with her nanny job and arranges a meeting with Justin Long's gross professor... where they finally do the real deed. Only for him to regret it immediately, chain smoking in the kitchen and scowling. "This was a mistake." Leading up to the reveal... "We're engaged... " "This is why you moved? SHE LIVES HERE!" *Katie storms out*

Things only escalate from here. We get insight through Katie that she realizes something about her behaviour isn't okay... she starts talking to someone and comes to terms with the fact that shew as sexually abused as a child. She asks her mother to see a therapist, and begins therapy and working... Only to slip into old patterns via a unhealthy affair with Christian Slater's character. There is a really uncomfortable scene with them making out in the kitchen on his birthday while you can hear his wife and son on the baby monitor in the next room...

This all is leads to a pretty awesome coming of age ending that I wasn't prepared to like. At the end we're left thinking Katie has seized control of her life and making steps to grow with the help of wise old Martin Sheen. Until I realized that wasn't the ending. Things turned and got dark, really dark, really quickly.


Only to find out Katie disappeared right after that last scene. Katie is also a brunette. Katie is named Amy and her bff Athy is actually named Noelle and is a homeless drug addict. The 32 year old bf isn't a professor he manages a video store... little things are slipped out when the V.O changes from Katie's POV to her mother's who is actually a very tired looking blonde woman. Katie received a phone call from a blocked number after the last shot. She went to wherever she was instructed to in the call, and never seen again. There are no leads, no one knows what happened to her. Her cell phone and ATM card have gone unused. Katie/Amy has simply disappeared right after her last blog entry.

Suddenly this indie drama I was enjoying so much is a Investigation Discovery cautionary tale.

Then I found out Allison Burnett the author/writer/director... is a cis-hetero man.


Then I got angry...and disappointed.

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