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Movie DIS-recommendation

This isn’t the first week of release in the US, but if you were inclined to go see the sequel to 2015's excellent if bleak and brutal Sicario — Sicario 2: Soldado — I would not recommend it. I wish I’d left in the first five minutes.

This opinion piece has a mild description of its flaws. Basically, it was incoherent racist propaganda.


Everyone involved should be embarrassed to be associated with it. It cheapened the experience of the original movie, practically reversing the central theme. . . . I say practically, because it didn’t have enough of a center or theme to actually do so, it just threw every bad stereotype of brown people onto the screen and while the US authorities + Benicio Del Toro’s character were still corrupt and overstepping the bounds of everything, it seemed that we were somehow supposed to be rooting for them.

Aside from that, it carried none of the artistry of the 2015 film. The plot was a bloody incoherent mess. The characterization made no sense in context of what we knew from the original film. The direction managed none of the masterful build of tension of Denis Villeneuve’s 2015 film. The cinematography was mostly nothing to write home about. The lighting was good at points.

Hildur Guðnadóttir did what she could with the late Johann Johannson’s themes, but there wasn’t much of a structure to work around, so the score was also nothing to write home about, and I day that as a fan of Hildur Guðnadóttir.

So, yeah. This was a movie that should not have been made, and I wish I hadn’t seen it.

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