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My dreams are movies

I had the weirdest dream last night and I háve to write it down somewhere! Prepare to be amazed at my dreaming prowess.

We start the dream by starting a movie. It’s a sunny and cheerful beginning, the sort that could be the kind of romcom that even the more cynical of us would watch over and over, just because it’s so lighthearted and fun without trying too hard. We see a guy walk down a street, he’s clearly in a good mood but calmly so. Even through the sense of new beginnings, as the start of a film gives us, we notice something odd about it. People and things in the background seem to bob and breath a little. Like an old Walt Disney cartoon but far more subtle. It’s the first hint that this might not be a romcom after all.

He walks into a bar where he greats the bartender and sits down next to his friend. We get the sense that this is a very common thing in these people’s lives. They chat away when on the muted TV the news flashes by. It’s about the new police force that was appointed. Since the new elections things had started changing around town. The winners had vowed to make the world a happy and crimefree place and set up a new task force to make that happen. Part of that was a zero tolerance policy. The two friends and bartender have a good chuckle about it and joke throughout the evening. At the end of the night, with the courage of the not-quite-sober, they decide to steal a glass from the bar to commemorate the evening the world became a better place. Even the bartender agreed it was a good idea. Still laughing they burst out of the bar and walk along the still cheerfully bustling street. As they walk down, with perhaps a slight swagger to their are, the mood changes. Behind them, on the other side of the street, they hear an argument burst out but ignore it. The yelling of the guy turns into a high yelp. This is not a regular occurrence and our friends turn to find out what happened. They see someone in the new uniform wrestling the man who presumedly yelped to the ground even though he is clearly recovering from being tasered.


Their attention is drawn to another kerfuffle and see a parking dispute swiftly end with a blow to the knees. By the officer.

The tone of the movie darkens and the light drains from the faces of our actors. “Let’s get out of here..” They mumble and start back down the street, sticking closer together now. Both are clearly aware of the fact that they just committed a minor crime and aren’t hasty to make it known when such a mood is hanging around. As they walk a small group of officers burst out of a small side street just ahead of them. He grabs her arm and with a look asks her to ignore them and stay quiet. She swallows and a barely visible nod passes between them as they continue on.


The group of officers march on with military precision. Two rows of 4 officers long. The 3rd and 8th break out of formation and walk into the streets with a clear sense of purpose. Just after them #4 and 7 do the same. One of them smacks down an older woman right behind the couple; she’d just let her dog poop in the street a few minutes ago. “I’m sorry! He’s elderly, I forgot the bags! He cant hold it like he used to!” She pleads but it turns to screaming in the matter of seconds. She’s cuffed in just a few more and dragged off back into the side street. Things start happening faster now, the tone of the movie far darker, like the light was drained away.

The girl of the two friends jumped at the arrest of the woman and they lost the physical contact they just had. As the woman is dragged off the girl is grabbed by another officer. “Shit! Run!” She yells at her friend and is rewarded with a blow to the head. He stumbles backwards away from her and out into the street. He recovers quickly though and flashes a smile at his friend that she responds to before he turns and runs. While she struggles with the officer it becomes clear this isn’t their first run-in with the long arm of the law. Despite her light build she gets a few good hits in there, spitting in his face with the kind of lack of fear that only comes with the privilege of being rich and the madness of being a rebel. The face that stares back at her is impassive. There’s no anger there, no fear, nothing. The arms holding her tense and for the first time she seems to understand.


Meanwhile her friends sprints down the street, laughing like a maniac and cursing at the new police force. “Thought you’d come down hard did you?? Can’t if you can’t even catch me!” He clearly thought he made a clean break for it and glances back at his friend knowing she had knocked whichever boy they’d recently graduated at the academy out cold. Instead he sees her being dragged off into the side street by her hair. Her body lifeless. As the smile falls from his face he’s quickly taken care of by a taser and dragged off. As another 6 people are pulled away in the same fashion.

The movie shows us a person hiding in the shadows, hoodie on and we meet our main character.
There is no music in these scenes but as we wait there with this person we wait and hide. With our hearts still beating we don’t see much more in the now almost empty street, but we hear similar small battles breaking out. To our left, to our right, farther away. The person in the hoodie looks in every direction and quickly heads home.


—side note : although it’s clear this is now our main character I have no specific memory of this person specifically. They are the blank slate that is ‘us’ the viewer. —

We are brought to a moment in a near future. Maybe a few months later. We see someone, heading through some small passageways. She isn’t alone but she’s clearly the one in the know compared to the person following her.


The view is brought outside where the world looks like a greyer place. It’s not that there is no light but somehow it is void of feeling. As if the sun is shining less brightly and the world is being lit by bedside lamps with too dim bulbs. We see propaganda displayed in white lit advertisement boxes. Video messages about protecting the safety of town. Together. Perfect smiling men and women explaining how they too had helped to bring about a safer and new world. Meanwhile we hear the flat sound of footsteps on concrete. Sometimes mingled with the insincerely sincere audio recordings from relieved and happy parents or newsreaders about how well everything is going and reminding everyone to contribute.

“We aren’t sure where they came from. Or how they gained so much power in so little time. They seemed to come out of thin air. Popping up right around the elections, when people were ready to accept someone new. Things had gotten bad enough for people to want change.” A timid person listens to her talk.
“They aren’t like us you know. They look like us, sure. But they aren’t like us at all. You can tell from everything, if you’re paying attention. Their faces are off. As if they are wearing them like a mask..” She trails off and starts to put some things together. Putting her hands to use as she talks about a topic that both angers and frightens her. “Have you seen them? Seen how they move?” The timid guy nods his head softly. A single time. As if unwilling to remember. “It’s unnatural.” She says it like a statement. A fact that can’t be argued with. And anyone who has seen them wouldn’t dare argue with that fact. “It’s not just them either. People help them too.” The coldness drains from her voice, replaced by a hot disgust. “Humans like us, helping them to catch and punish us. Cowards and sell-outs. The lot of them.” Her face is twists into an angry scowl. She keeps her eyes firmly on the objects she’s set down on the workbench in front of her, instead of directing it at the timid person listening to the rant who take the note and looks away from her. “..maybe they’re just scared..” comes a soft voice, the first time we hear them talk.


“We’re ALL scared.” Her voice booms through the room. Then becomes calmer. “It’s the great equalizer these days..” There is resignation in her now. She knows better than to push someone who is new to all of this. It takes a lot of time to accept the state of this new order, even as it creeps slowly over the world. They take it bit by bit. “Most people aren’t the same after they’ve been released..” Running a hand through her hair she keeps her eyes at the objects before her. “I can’t forgive someone putting anyone through that.”

— At this point in my dream another person joins us to watch the movie and asks to start from the beginning so we do and see the introduction scene again. Then I woke up! What a dream I wish I knew what happened next!


Come on Hollywood, bring me teh moneyz and I’ll make it for you no problem.

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