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So it's the first night of my kid-free time (they're with their dad for the second half of Christmas break). I napped from 6:30 to 11, because I'm an idiot, so I'll be up all night. I found Velvet Goldmine with only about 45 minutes already elapsed, so I watched the rest of that.

One of the funniest movie theater experiences I ever had happened during that movie. My now ex-husband and I went to see it in the theater. Just before the movie started, a very elderly couple came in. My ex and I were baffled; surely they didn't know what the movie was about? Boy, were we right. They spent the first 45 minutes or so sighing and clucking audibly every time someone got naked, or was openly gay, or did drugs. Finally an orgy scene came on, and the husband went "OMG what is this??" and they both got up and left. WHO SEES A MOVIE WITHOUT ANY IDEA WHAT IT'S ABOUT?? Does that really happen?

Anyway, that's over and then I found Grosse Pointe Blank, which I can't believe I never saw, because it's about people who graduated high school exactly when I did, the soundtrack is amazing, and it has John and Joan Cusack, so what's not to love? So I'm watching that now.


Then my cat made this pose. Look at his feet!! I think he's part rabbit.

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