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Movie Plot Decisions That Piss You Off

What are some movie plot decisions where you’re like WTF why would the character do that or wow if this happened instead there would be no reason for this stuff to go wrong, etc etc.

2 spring to mind right away for me

1. Jurassic Park has no plot at all if they just didn’t have the carnivores. I’d save for fucking years to go see a bunch of herbivorous dinosaurs! They didn’t need the t-rex and velociraptors. Although I do understand the point about the hubris of mankind so I see why it is there.


2. Avengers: Endgame not including Captain Marvel in the time heist. Why the fuck couldn’t that have waited a week or two more for them to get word to her to return to Earth to help? Just saying if I’m going on a time heist to steal an infinity stone, I would wait for the super powerful person who can fly and shot energy beams from her fists. Not like they couldn’t have waited a while, they had no pressing reason to start the heist right then. 

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