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1) Are we suppose to like anyone? Seriously hated all four characters.

Nick was a pompous ass who saw his wife as an obligation and uses sex with Martha to advance.


Honey. Lived in her own world and had no boundaries. When people do not want to talk about their child most would drop it not Honey. When George was strangling Martha she chanted “violence, violence, violence”.

2) George and Martha. At times I thought it was a game they played on new teachers. I think its part that but they really have a strong love/hate relationship. She defended George to Nick when he bad mouthed him she even admitted he loved her and she was not worthy.


3) Are we to conclude Honey had an abortion? I found it strange when Nick said Honey puffed up then went down over a hysterical pregnancy. When George asked her after she said she wants no children “what poison pills do you use”. I thought “she had an abortion” and let Nick think it was a hysterical pregnancy.

4) Nick is a biology instructor why do I get the feeling he knows the truth? And its part of his resentment, not the abortion, but being married to her.


5) The story George told about his parents seemed like BS. This is why I partly think ipart of it was a game they played on Nick and Honey to throw them off balance to set them up to humiliate them. When she told how her father refused to print the novel about the boy who killed his parents as being about George it seemed like she was playing her part in the game.

6) The fake child. Martha and George survive emotionally by having a fake child. Yet she told. The game was real to her. Its a small campus so Nick and Honey could have told people about G and Ms child. I can understand needing to head it off the pass but it was so cruel. Anyone understand this part?


7) Both relations were abusive. Emotional abuse by both sides.

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