Whether it's because you are Christian or you like to argue with bigoted Christians. ;) It's called "Fish Out of Water" and is a relatively short film by a lesbian director named Ky Dickens. It examines the Biblical verses used to justify homophobia, and also addresses the cultural reasons that some churches are so actively anti-gay. It interviews some pretty major theological leaders, 5 pro-LGBT and 2 against (one of which is the late Fred Phelps).

Anyway, I really enjoyed it because it goes pretty in-depth (again, for a relatively short film—it only runs about an hour) into the context of the various verses that can be read as anti-gay, as well as the difficulty of translating those verses from a culture where modern egalitarian homosexual relationships were unheard of. I also appreciated the diversity of the people interviewed, both the spiritual leaders and the lay LGBT folks that spoke about their relationship with the church. I sometimes felt like the lay people were unnecessary, but I think that, as a queer Christian who knew most of the factual stuff in there anyway, I'm probably not the target audience and the interviews with them served an important purpose in humanizing the conversation. I would have liked a meatier Biblical analysis, but again, I don't think I'm really who it was aimed at. ;)

I just thought I'd boost it a bit. I hear a lot of talk about "For the Bible Tells Me So" which is kind of in the same vein, but I just happened to stumble across this today. And it is available for free streaming if you have Amazon Prime. :)