Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Anybody have any good recommendations for movies, preferably easily watchable, possibly in the humor or romantic genre, but not necessarily.

I stayed home today because my chronic sinusitis decided to flare up (it's not it's fault, I was without medicine for a bit due to a mixup at the pharmacy) which means tired and lots of pain in the head and face area. I slept most of the day, did some work and played a bit of last of us.


Now I'd like to watch something lighthearted, so I thought, the fair people at GroupThink might know!

Anything you enjoyed that wasn't too complicated or loud?

ETA. So I'm watching Too Cute! While acquiring the following :

- The Decoy Bride, which reminded me I haven't watched

- The princess Bride

- About Time

- Timer

- Mumford

- Moonrise Kingdom

All of these look pretty darn good. Thank you for the suggestions! :)

ETA2 : This is so adorable I think I might melt!

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