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Movie-Related Update

Alright, guys. Thanks to your help, I've got my brackets set up for an NCAA-style tournament of the most quotable movies.

The way this works is: you can score points for clever quotes, memorable quotes, and, most importantly, quotes applicable in real-life situations. Btw: quotes are not considered "memorable" based on how often people quote them — they are considered "memorable" based on how likely you are to spout them immediately when trying to think of quotes from that movie. Points are given and deducted for how widely-known the movie actually is, however (which is why Scott Pilgrim is a 14-seed). Points will ALSO be deducted based on how tired a quote is — if you groan when you hear someone say it, that's not a good sign (this is why Forrest Gump is nowhere even close to this list). Here are the brackets, and I'll get started on this tomorrow. There WILL, by the way, be upsets.

Western Bracket

1) Anchorman vs. 16) This Is Spinal Tap

8) Pulp Fiction vs. 9) Trading Places

4) Snatch vs. 13) Boogie Nights

5) The Shawshank Redemption vs. 12) Young Frankenstein

3) Zoolander vs. 14) The Rock

6) Jurassic Park vs. 11) Terminator 2

7) Back to the Future vs. 10) Cool Runnings

2) Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back vs. 15) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Eastern Bracket

1) The Princess Bride vs. 16) Jaws

8) The Usual Suspects vs. 9) City Slickers

4) The Big Lebowski vs. 13) Superbad

5) Monty Python and the Holy Grail vs. 12) The Birdcage

3) Ghostbusters vs. 14) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

6) Clueless vs. 11) Airplane!

7) The Fifth Element vs. 10) Animal House

2) Mean Girls vs. 15) Office Space

Edit: I pulled Heathers because someone mentioned the Birdcage, and HOW DID I MISS THE BIRDCAGE?!


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