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Movie Review Arrival Also Allied (tiny) And Gamera VS Viras Major Spoilers

We were going to see Rules Don’t Apply but my mother saw a WW2 movie was playing and wanted to see Allied instead. I despise WW2 movies she looooves them.

She loved Allied and strongly recommends it.

Now for Arrival which I saw.













Ever read Time Traveler’s Wife? Great novel. Highly recommend it. Never saw the movie. Remember how nonlinear that novel was?


Well this was also nonlinear and I am still making sense of it. It also asks am important question which I wish was the focus. If you knew you would get married and your child will die as a teen from an incurable disease plus your husband leaving you years prior telling you “you chose wrong”? Would you head into that future? Or walk away?

Louise played by Amy Adams. She was good, I saw her in better films. The alien arrive and Louise and the man she will marry and have a daughter are translators tryig to figure out how to talk to the aliens. The world is going to hell in a handbasket while focusing on her trying to talk to the aliens. Good concept but bit boring. How to communicate with aliens was far better done in Close Encounters of Third Kind. Also the first part of Childhood’s End but thealien could speak English.

She also had visions of her future with her child. Although I am not sure if the entire thing was her reflecting back on her life after her child died or she had visions while the entire Arrival situation took place.

I also had a vision during the movie. I envisioned myself posting a review amd finding a picture of the Viras. The aliens in this movie looked a lot alike the Viras.


Actually if you never saw Gamera VS Viras watch that first.


A question. The Chinese Admiral did he play the Yazuka leader with ties to Adam’s family on Hawaii 50? It looked like him.

Trailer to Gamera VS Viras.

I kind of wished the storyline was about her decision to have that future she envisioned with the Arrival storyline being secondary. I thought it could have been more interesting. Its an interesting moral question. I also would have liked to have seen why her husband walked out, how did he percieve it beyond her telling her daughter him saying “You chose wrong”. He went from a major character during the Arrival to a question mark.


Like Girl on A Train this can easily be viewed on a tv set. Special effects were almost nonexistant.

Also read Time Traveler’s Wife and see Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. CETK was a far better Arrival type movie. Arrival is a movie you do have to think through. Its not a Independence Day popcorn movie.

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