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Today we went to the movies. Can you believe $9.25 for a matinee? I recall $2.50 for a matinee ok that was the 80s.

My mother had trepidations about seeing this movie. I was torn between Suicide Squad and Star Trek Beyond she was not torn since as she said “No I am seeing neither”.

So I decided before we left the house to see Star Trek Beyond. All three started at the same time.


Well we got to theater with ten minutes to spare. If this was to a live play or live musical we would have arrived 45 minutes to spare. Ten minutes is cuttng it close.

Well we got our tickets. She went to her movie I went to mine.

Remember she had trepidations about Florence Foster Jenkins? She said she looooved it. She could not believe how good Meryl Streep was and how Streep a trained singer (not sure if this is true) sang so badly. My mother claims that’s really hard (not sure if this is true). She believes Streep should be nominated for an Oscar. She thought she gave depth to the character. She said at times it was hysterical other times sad and poignant.

When we got home she talked to her friend on the phone and told her to see it. She also googled Florence Foster Jenkins who was a real person.

Anyone else see this movie?

Movie review two Star Trek Beyond coming later tonight with spoilers.

The real Jenkins singing from Die Fledermous (I think Die is German for The) I lasted ten seconds. Good thing Simon Cowell was not a critc then.

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