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Ok Star Trek TOS is my favorite show of all time. I love the characters, I loved the actors. I remember when in the mid70s I heard about the novel Spock Must Die. It was the first ST published adult novel, I had to read it.

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This was the cover. It was not good. I read it again a few years ago and my initial impression was right.


Now in the 80s I started reading the Bantam novels and the Pocket Books Star Trek novels.

I liked the other series but TOS will always be my first love.

So when the first movie came out with the new cast, a reboot I said nah. Still have not seen it.


I saw the second movie. Hated it. Seriously bad. I hated the Star Trek Generations but this took the cake.

I was not going to see it but this morning I decided to see it. Suicide Squad looks ok but welll I may still go.


I did not hate Beyond. I really am starting to see this as Star Trek the third universe. TOS as Prime Universe, Mirror World the second.

I really liked the humor. Karl Urban is spot on as McCoy. Acrually Spock and Uhura are great characters. Uhura is a much better fleshed out character.


With the crew starting when Kirk was Captain at 27 not 32 and in this universe no Vulcan and Spock and Uhura are in a relationship. I thought when Spock said they broke up because as Bones called it “wanting baby vulcans”.

I could be wrong but it seemed they were back together at the end. Did that Bones/Spock scene telegraph that Spock/Uhura will have kids. Spock has to know in the other Spock’s future there were no children and he seems like he wants to go on a slightly different path.


Am I wrong?

Kirk. Ugh. Chris Pine is too good an actor. Chris Pratt would have been ideal. Pine’s Kirk lacks that emoting speech and gestures. Shatner at times came across as if he was on stage and used emoting as an acting device.


I like this Kirk and I liked how he and Chekov had a big brother little brother aspect. Missing from ST Prime Universe.

The story. The battle scene with the destruction of the Entreprise rivaled the Star Trek Borg movie battle scene on the ship. I really liked it.


I liked better the small scenes. I loved when Bones said “you gave your girlfriend radioactive jewlery” then “you gave your girlfriend a tracking device”. I liked how Spock suddenly realized how it looked.

Krill. Why did he morph into a creature and unmorph? Exactly how many soldiers did he have to create the swarm or were they mostly unmanned?


I wish there was a Kirk/Krill scene where they talked beyond a few sentences. I still do not understand how he morphed to look human.

Technology. Way, way too advanced. It predates TOS but that motorcycle scene and the Enterprise is way more advanced then any technology or any Star Trek ship. What will technology be like in this Star Trek TNG? Will ships morph? The Dominion War should end in a day.


The movie liked a lot of TOS episodes worked best when the main characters were together and interactng with each other or with others.

I wish the female alien they met was called Janice Rand. Maybe have her father be human with last name Rand. It would go with the first season episode when Rand said she knew Kirk years earlier on a planet with a despot. Obviously I would say 18 months seperated the destruction of the Enterprise and building and finishing of 1701A. Time enough to graduate and become a Yeoman.



I really loved how they did the theme verse at the end. Kirk starting it Space The Final Frntier , Spock continuing and Uhura ending it with Where No One Has Gone Before. Then classic Star Trek music. My heart soared listening.


Anyone see it? Thoughts?

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