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Movies Favorite Warren Beatty movie?

We are probably going to the movies tomorrow to see Rules Don’t Apply about Howard Hughes played by Warren Beatty. He used to be megapopular and did a string of good movies.

Here are my favorite Warren Beatty movies.

Reds. Fantastic historical movie. I saw it in high school when it came out in 1981. It did drag a bit for me (age 15) but still fantastic. Its 3 plus hours.

Shampoo you see it and you will say “oh yeah that’s the 70s”. A fun movie. He is a total cad and jerk in this movie. It works more as a spoof of 1970s.

Heaven Can Wait the 1978 version. A really, really good romantic comedy. Far better then Brad Pitt remake.

Three exceptional films. See them all. I would start with Heaven Can Wait, more convential films then the others.


I did not like Dick Tracy. His other political film Bulworth not as good as Reds.

Your favorite Beatty film? I wish he had done more movies in last 15 years, he is so talented. His sister too, Shirley Maclaine.


Jack Nicholson was in Reds with Warren then in 1983 was in Terms of Endearment two of the best 1980s films. Not the very best but easily top ten.

Any Beatty fans?

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