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Movies That Depict Class Struggle

Has anyone seen Snowpiercer? I want to see this movie, and I noticed that they are discussing it over at firedoglake. Class struggle seems to be becoming a very popular subject in the movies. I hope this implies that things may soon change for the better. I really enjoyed Elysium, as well as Blomkamp's other offering, District 9 (although it can obviously be argued that District 9 was more focused on racism). My all time favorite however, has to be Metropolis. It is amazing to me what Fritz Lang was able to achieve with that film. The effects of that film were shockingly advanced for the time period and I loved seeing all of the art deco in the set design.

There are many, many other movies out there that tackle this subject. I have mentioned several obvious ones. I would be interested to hear about everyone's favorites.


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