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Movies that make me hate my generation

This is 40 makes me hate my generation now like Reality Bites did when I was in my early 20s.

This is 40 is unbelievably dull, managing to make fucking Paul Rudd vapid and insufferable. The characters are assholes, fearful of their aging, wealthy and self involved. They represent the worst parts of middle adulthood. Reality Bites was ridiculous, similarly.I think I might have liked it if I were in High School but I was already out of college, like the characters. Ethan Hawke proved himself as literally the worst, Violent Femmes allusions and broody mcbroodiness and all. I, of course,have declared a war against Ethan Hawke ever since I read "The Hottest State" when I worked in a bookstore.


I generally like Xers. We are a bitter, broke generation, used to being marginalized by people older and younger than us. We had good music and fashion. But you know, there is some fuckery I can't abide by, especially in this era of middle aged navel gazing and 90s nostalgia.

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