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1. Saw tonight on HBO ON Demand San Andreas. Nope. No way is California a good idea.

2. Climbing mountains. Well the Spenser Tracy movie The Mountain taught me mountains are beautiful and dangerous. Vastly underrated Tracy film. See it.


3. Well luxury cruises well a serious no no. They can flip over. Totally. Just find the spot where the rotor is. If you surive the trek. Poseidon Adventure taught me this.

4. Planes crash. They even crash into the sea. The Airport movies taught with luck and cleverness you will survive. Airport 77 is the best one.


5. On a lifeboat you may be sacrificed for the greater good. Seriously watch this 1950s movie Abandon Ship aka Seven Waves Away. It will not leave your memory. Totally disturbing movie and realistic. I know they say Lifeboat directed by Hitchcock is the best lifeboat movie. This is better.


You can add yours. Seriously Abandon Ship aka Seven Waves Away is so great. There is a 1930s film also called Seven Waves Away which I have not seen. I believe the 1930s movie is more accurate. The 1950s film is a modern retelling of the 1840s incident. Anyone here see it?

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