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Movies With Questionable Lessons spoilers obviously








With Barr announcing his is bringing back federal death penalty for the oddest reason my mind went back to a movie I saw as a kid with my late grandmother which aired on tv. It was a black and white movie.


It was with James Cagney a gangster whose friend was a priest. It was called Angels With Dirty Faces.

The movie flashed to a group of young men who would read the newspaper and admired Cagney’s character.


Cagney’s character was sentenced to death for murder. His friend the priest walked with him and told him to do the right thing for young men who look up to him and go out like a coward.

Cagney said no but as he entered the death room he started screaming and crying. You only saw the closed door. The final scene the young men read he died a “coward” and went sour on him.


What lesson was learned? Was the lesson really do not do what Cagney did? Or more likely it was to a) not get caught and b) be brave at the end?

I get the attempted point but not sure it hit the target it seemed questionable.


Another film in retrospect the lesson the movie wanted to make is really questionable?

Did anyone see this film btw?

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