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Yesterday I saw a dvd of 1933 movie Son of Kong. I recalled seeing it on tv when I was about 6 and crying. I never want to see it again. If you saw it you know why I cried.

The trailer for Son of Kong.

It then reminded me shortly there after I saw in the tv guide, really many kids then learned to read from the TV Guide, a movie called can’t recall full title but title ended with Hong Kong. Remember I was six I recognized word Kong and thought it had to be about King Kong.


So I turned it on watched and waited to see King Kong, I had no idea what the movie was about. Well my late grandmither asked me why I was watching an old black and white movie. I said its about King Kong.

She looked at the TV Guide and explained it was about the city Hong Kong. Of course I thought Hong Kong was named after King Kong. It was not.

King Kong Question: Although I do wonder if there is a conection with naming King Kong as Kong with Hong Kong. Probably not. Anyone know?

Ever happen to you as a child or now thinking a movie would be about A but was about B.


If you do watch Son Of Kong keep a tissue ready for some crying.

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