I am moving on Saturday. On Thursday, for epically stupid reasons, I have to make a 4 hour round trip to the place I am moving to so I can sign the lease and get keys. Which means I really have to have the majority of my packing done by then. This is the first move where I am hiring movers because I do not want to move furniture or my washer/dryer. They can mock the fact almost everything is getting moved in amazon boxes but that's just what's happening right now.

My cats are being awful. They are getting into everything and having accidents because they are so upset. I have already reverted to that point where I'm bribing myself with fanfic to get anything done. I'm also discovering all the things I should have gotten rid of and all the places you don't clean in my apartment so that's fun.

Does anyone have good recs on internet service? I had AT&T in this apartment for a long time and hated it. I want to try something new.