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Moving Advice?

Hi Everybody! Long time no posting for me, but I’ve attempted to keep up with things here.

I am going to be moving from my long-time East Coast abode to Texas this summer! I need help, and one of my first thoughts was “must ask GT, they’ve been so helpful in the past.” My last move with my s.o. was down the block and it was a DISASTER. He’ll be quitting his job a month in advance of our move, so hopefully it will be better. But any guidance on how to encourage him/us to pack smart would be very helpful. (I say this because I’m still finding little drawstring backpacks full of random paper and pocket litter and we moved in to our current place last August).

Any advice, recommendations for moving companies/pods/whatever, would be AMAZINGLY helpful. Should I Marie Kondo the shit out of my closet (um, yes)? What “important papers” do I need to keep? Should I pay to dry clean my winter clothes here now (even though it’s balls expensive) so I don’t have to worry about down jackets once I get to Texas in the summer? Also, anyone who’s sold stuff on eBay, please chime in, but I almost feel like that could be a whole OTHER post. Do I bother to pack spices, canned goods, etc, or should we donate them wholesale?

Our current plan right now is to get a pod-like storage container, fill it up, and have it delivered once we arrive in TX, so we can take a nice drive (ROAD TRIP!) and not have to worry about a Uhaul while we go. We’re not super loaded (duh) but I’d rather pay a little more for peace of mind, but ... not so much that I can never afford to eat again.


Finally, any suggestions on where to stop, what to see East of the Mississippi would be awesome (and honestly, Arkansas and Louisiana are in the mix). We like old historical shit, good food, and breweries!

Thanks y’all!

Cat Tax, this is a kitten I kitten sit!:

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