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Moving always sucks

I moved last Saturday. Since I started my new job on Tuesday (which I'm so excited about, I've been financially stressed out for *years*), I didn't really get much of a chance to unpack until this weekend. Guess what I did? I hooked up the washer/dryer on Saturday...and I flooded the basement. I don't even know what all is down there because I'm still finding things like silverware in the office closet. All I know for sure is that the cats' stuff, most of the holiday decorations, and (ironically), most of the cleaning supplies ended up down there. That was a fun adventure. I won't know what I can keep until everything dries out. Needless to say the landlord and I were down there with a shop vac most of the afternoon and he does get my JoCo jokes.

If I get everything unpacked before Labor Day it's going to be a miracle. Fingers crossed this is my me getting my major crisis out of the way.


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