And it’s pouring! And we didn’t learn until yesterday that we have no AC, because the unit we saw at showing belonged to the old tenants. Btw they offered us their old desk which my girlfriend wanted, and then they packed it up before we could even respond. Like, they waited 2 hours. Jerks. Anyway, pictures of our empty place!

The entry way. They left us with a ton of hooks, which, thanks?

I’m saving up for a range hood because it’s weird not to have one.

The nebulous not living room not kitchen open space.


The living room, which has a closet on one wall. Not sure what to utilize it for. Any suggestions?

The bedroom that will be our bedroom.


The bedroom that will be my office.

The tiny bathroom, though I don’t mind the whole square motif they have going on in there (square tile, square faucets, square shower head).


And my sunroom on a rainy day!

As you can see, they did a pretty shitty job of cleaning the place so I’m gonna have to spend a lot of the next few days re-cleaning it myself. But I’m just so glad we’re finally getting moved! Once we’re in we are no longer on someone else’s timeline for stuff!


I met one of the neighbors downstairs, he has two dogs and seems pretty nice. He’s invited to brunch.