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I'M MOVING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's finally here—the day I leave my nasty, damp, bug-infested, carpeted basement apartment for one with wood floors on the third story of a building in a better neighborhood!

Some of you might recall my earlier, stressed out post about my difficulties finding an affordable place and my potential roommate who might not be able to afford DC rent. Good news! Although she ended up having to conclude that she couldn't afford it, I have another long-time friend who just got a good job in DC and is moving up to live with me!


Some of you might also remember this post about my douchebag housemate, or this second one about his continued douchetastic behavior—after today, I'll be free forever!

Living in this place has been such a source of anxiety for me. From the shower drain that is constantly clogged no matter how much drano we pour down it, to the bugs, to other peoples' dirty dishes in the sink (and sometimes their dirty boxers on the living room floor), it's been rough.


But now, everything is perfect and beautiful and wonderful! I'm going to paint the walls of the new place a nice soft yellow (or some other cheerful color), and sweep the floors regularly, and never step over dirty boxers on the floor again! LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, YOU GUYS.

GIF PARTY TIME! Also, share the good news or positive things in your life! If you have advice about how to make today (or the subsequent unpacking, decorating, painting, etc. of the new place) go smoothly, share that! Also, a thought just occurred to me—do I need to tip the moving company on top of paying the fee they charge? I've never hired a moving company before and I don't know what's standard.


Anyway, I love you all! :)

<3 <3 Bunnies

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