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Moving in SoCal is just....

Intense. I got spoiled because I've been at my place 2+ years so I forgot about how cutthroat this shit is.

But I do need advice.

My current lease is not up until March - but my landlord pressed me to tell her my plans right now. I told her I'm moving out but I'm kind of pissed that I had to tell her early, it's just putting stress on the situation.


But here's the kicker, she's kind of a weird about everything in general and she's kind of making it apparent that if I get someone I know to move in, she'll be nicer about it. This sucks because none of my friends are going to move in here after what I've told them about her. (Valid, WTF typical landlord stuff, mostly that she makes me pay 2/3rds of the water bill and there's a business on our property along with her house. It's way cool).

Do I pretend that I'm trying until I find a new place? I just don't want her giving me a bad tenant review because she's bitter.

Second, is there any way I can bar her from showing my apartment until at least a month before I have to move out?

Third, why the fuck does every apartment rent itself within 10 minutes. I have better luck buying tickets to Radiohead.

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