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Moving kitty. advice needed.

We have a kitty. Here's a picture

She's around fifteen years young and has spent most of her life on the same property (there are two houses and those have seen several tenants and other inhabitants. Some years she has spent in house A on the ground floor, then house B - all the floors, then house A again but second floor etc. also, biiig shared garden). A outdoor/indoor kitty.


We are planning on moving her and the actual moving part is being sufficiently dealt with I think (carrier bag, microchip, vaccines, plane ticket etc). It's the settling in part I hope you can help me with. I advised mother to grab a small couch pillow or something from our old place that maybe would reassure her with its familiar smell. The people will be the same old faces at least.

Any other tips?

Bonus pic:

Baroness von Squeakhausen a.k.a Squeaky about eight years ago

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