Welp, being hormonal on Clomid didn't work, so tomorrow i get to get probed to see if my junk is functional. I've been staying off the infertility boards because the talk of baby dust and the angst is just not helpful. Mrchien and I are trying to stay positive yet realistic. If we can't have kids of our own we're ok with adopting. We just feel like we need to give this a good try first. :)

In the meantime i've been watching videos about how to mix and inject yourself for this next step and it's a bit like watching an a kid fall off a bike and scrape a knee. I feel compassionate and cringe in sympathy pains. Here's a sample of what i have to look forward to in the coming weeks...while trying to finish my thesis :(

PS: Feel free to share your stories of struggle and woe in the comments...