I move to NYC in a little over a week (eek!). I can’t believe it is actually happening - I’m so stressed out about every little thing and have so much to do still!

I think I am going to try to have a moving sale this weekend. I got a permit - just need to get my sh#t together! Anyone have any tips? I plan to just hold it in my apartment - I don’t have the wherewithal to drag everything down to the yard and sit outside the whole time. I plan to take some photos of some of the bigger ticket items as well to put in the ad. How far in advance should I place the ad?

I had wanted to arrange to have someone come pick up all of the stuff I am donating - but looks like I am way too late to arrange that - salvation army can’t pick stuff up till the end of Sept, and from what I can tell, they are the only ones who would actually pick stuff up.

Anyone have any recs of things do do my first few days there (including restaurants - I’m a vegetarian and I’d love to find a vegetarian friendly place in Chinatown, if such a thing exists - OMG! I get to go to chinatown!!!)? My closest friend is flying with me - and we want to do some fun things. We have some challenging parameters though: since I am moving, I need to keep what we do pretty cheap. She has some mobility issues due to hip surgery - which is a bummer bc I really just want to walk all over! But I can do that when she leaves. She wanted to see a broadway play, but that is just not in the budget for me right now. The one splurge I want to make is to go to one of the momofuku restaurants.

Any advice about moving sales (esp if any of you have done them in your apartment!), craigslist ads, and NYC are welcome!