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For the past five years, my Annoying Brother in law has been storing stuff in his Father's basement. It is a mix of random stuff, including various missmatched kitchen chairs, some broken, parts for 2-3 tables, including a ugly table that belonged to ASiL's grandfather that apparently has great sentimental value. In lieu of four legs, the table has two hollow rectangular prisms big enough to fit the two year niece inside. Apparently it was used for displays in her Grandfather's store. There was also a table saw, tonnes of plastic totes, and I kid you not, the large branch that fell on ABiL's head and ended his career as an Aborist. Also bikes, a pedal car, a non-functioning power wheels car that he picked up off the side of the road, and his childhood wagon. And there was more stuff I have forgotten. It basically filled the floor of an 14 foot U Haul.

I did not want to go yesterday. But Mr. Ivriniel really wanted to help his brother, and OBiL and the oldest niece was also helping, so I reluctantly went. ABiL also had a friend helping him, so there were five of us. ABiL's friend did most of the truck loading while the rest of us brought crap out of the basement.

Some highlights:

Overheard conversation between ABiL and his friend:

Friend: You have a box saw! I love those things.

ABiL: Would you believe I found that?

Friend: You probably found 90% of this stuff, right?

Friend clearly has ABiL's number. We do not think we have ever heard of friend before, but he had Scouts Canada decal on the back of his truck, so we figure ABiL knows him from back when he was one of the leaders of a Venturer Company.


At one point when I was bringing a couple of items to the truck, I spied the section of log that ABiL was hit on the head with, but at the time I did not know what it was. I said to the Friend:

"I wonder what he's going to do with the log?"

Friend: "I've learned not to ask. It is just easier that way."

So we had the truck loaded by 12:30, and Mr. I and I were standing in the front hall talking to my FiL, when ABiL walked in, slammed something down on the bench in the front hall, and walked out. Turned out to be his keys to his Dad's house, and the copy of "The List" his father gave him. My FiL wanted us to look at the list, so we did. More on that later, though.

After that we headed out towards the Storage Locker place, but stopped for lunch along the way. By the time we caught up with ABiL and his friend, they had already emptied the truck. They must have already put other stuff in the locker, because apparently they have pretty much filled the floor of a 10 by 12 locker. Friend did make reference to the fact that they could have stacked things higher for more space, but still. ABiL loudly declared at one point that they would only need the locker for a month (Dream on, dude.) and said he was going to come back over and start sorting through the stuff on another day.

He was supposed to sort through the stuff the day we moved it into his Dad's basement, years ago, but had trouble parting with things like big metal tins with his childhood karate belts in them. AS we were loading the truck, I saw some loose papers sitting on top of a kerosine heater that proved to be mostly papers Mr. I had written in High School, so I have doubts that it will happen.


So we headed back to my FiL's place, because Mr. I wanted to talk to his Dad about business accounting. My FiL told us that during the move he approached ABiL and asked "So, Is this the end? After today am I going to see you again?" To which ABiL replied " I don't know, I haven't decided."

Oh, and in regards to the list, it was not at all as advertised. It was not a list of things wrong with ABiL's life, and how to improve it. It did not offer parenting advice for dealing with Niece. It was a bit weird, in that it was written in the first person, as if ABiL had written it, and it listed the things in ABiL's life that should make him happy. Now it did contain things like "treating other people with kindness" and "knowing anything I want will take time and effort" which kind of implies that ABiL hasn't been doing those things.


Meanwhile, while we moving all this crap, my MiL was watching Niece, while lord only knows what ASiL was doing. Originally we were told we had to be finished in time for ABiL to drive ASiL to work, but apparently in the end he told her to take the bus. Apparently ASiL has been calling our MiL constantly lately, as if our MiL is her new best friend. She actually has declared "Since FiL hates me, I figured I needed an ally."

So basically, the message to our MiL is: "Now that I need you, I will be nice to you." We'll see how long that lasts.



ABiL just called. He was on speaker phone in the car and had the niece with him. She kept yelling "Auntie Ivriniel"! So he couldn't really talk, but said something about next Saturday, and that a facebook message is on the way. This is the second time in a week he has called to say he is sending us an electronic message. Who does that?


I assume he wants more help with something.

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