Pack a heavy box, and bend over to tape shut. Stretch to grab the tape three feet away. Jump over packing supplies like you're running an obstacle course. Walk four bags from The Container Store to the car with perfect balance. Lift. Move. Use them abs. This is how I've been getting my exercise for the past month and a half.

Yeah, still stressed and panicked, because this is the first time I'm doing it all on my own. Yeah, I wish some friends would reach out instead of liking statuses on FB, but that's selfish-there are other friend issues, and it turns out you learn who's really there for you to talk when you're stressed beyond belief...yeah, rant, I know. That's a rant for another time

But, still, doing it all by myself would make Kanye proud. Because of his song The New Workout Plan. I love Kanye. Haters, step to the left.

Half the time I may be at the point of tears. I may be pulling my hair out. But I began the process in late February (Thanks to and Gilt, I now own some great new dishes and cooking shit that's pre-packed!) and have burned so many calories.