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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Moving to NYC (for realz)

I just signed the paperwork with Columbia - and will be moving there this summer (maybe August?). I’ll be on the medical campus, and would love any ideas NYC’ers might have for neighborhoods/housing. I can’t apply for Columbia housing, unfortunately, as they don’t allow pets - and that is not negotiable for me. My income isn’t high, given that I am a postdoc, but prefer to live solo. I like diverse neighborhoods - I like neighborhoods that are not gentrified. I’d love to be within walking distance - or just one train away as I’m pretty sure my hours will be long. I’ll start looking at Washington Heights ...

Any ideas are welcome! This has been a long, anxiety provoking process (as of this Sunday, I will have known for exactly one year that I would likely be moving - and just got the official word this morning).


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