I’m not even the one moving and I’m so over this already! Rant/whine ahead.

My parents moved into an apartment a little over a year ago. It took them nearly a year to get entirely moved in and let the house go. My mother likes to buy things and never throws anything out. She has enough stuff to outfit at least 3 houses, right down to dishes and bathroom supplies, and enough clothes/shoes/purses for an army. We won’t even discuss the knick-knack-y shit, most of which is glass. She’ll deny the term “hoarder” til her dying day, but if the shoe fits... then she bought it in every colour, and 2 extra pairs in black.

So, they up and bought a house a couple of months ago. They’re back in town, the house is great, all is well, right? Nope! They have to be out of the apartment by the end of this month, and we are nowhere near done. The house is jam-packed already, I have no idea where the rest of her furniture and stuff is going to go, and did I mention that the apartment is a walk-up? There are 17 stairs between all her crap and the moving truck. 17 stairs times a zillion boxes is a lot of frickin’ stairs. I’ve threatened to build a pulley system!

My mom has had a hip replacement, and has scoliosis. My stepdad has terrible arthritis in his knees. Why did they rent a walk-up?! Also, why does my mother keep insisting that I’m “young” and can therefore haul 50 pound boxes of record albums downstairs (for the record - ha! - there were seriously a dozen boxes of insanely heavy records) and drag gigantic furniture around? I mean, she’s my mom, and she’s in her 60's and he’s nearly 80, so I’m doing it for them as best as I can (Husband and Other-Husband are helping, too, of course, along with kids, Bestie, Neighbour, and any other friends we can beg to help), but it’s killing me.

I put my foot down for today, because we’re all exhausted, and O-H and I worked nearly 12 hours for her yesterday and we can both barely hobble today. I feel like the Tin Man, only I don’t have an oil can. My hips are sobbingly stiff and painful. My place looks like something exploded, since I’ve been dealing with my mom’s crap instead of mine, especially since my sister (god bless her, I love her to death) dumped half her crap from her storage unit here for me to go through. I got through half a dozen bins, tossing about 3/4 of the stuff in them into bags for donation, but there’s at least a dozen more! *sob*


In other news, within the past 2 weeks, the little car crapped out (dumping oil all over the road), then my phone decided it was time to die (it’s been iffy for weeks), then I dropped O-H’s phone and shattered the screen so that it barely works, then phones got shut off, the internet got shut off, and my suburban felt left out, so it decided it was a good time to start making a horrible chugging noise and flashing the check engine light. (Yes, that’s one hell of a run-on sentence, and no, I don’t care!) I am now car-less and phone-less. The internet was cheaper to get back on than phones, so I went with that.

My mother has promised to pay for car towing and for our phones to get back on, if we get them out by the end of the month. They’re going to be out, dammit, if I have to work 24 hours a day to do it! Granted, I’ll be crawling by then, but it’s worth it.


*phew* I needed to get that out! Thanks for listening!