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Moving Up and Freaking Out

I just applied for an internal promotion and suddenly I’m panicking a bit.

Here’s the thing: I really like my job, but I also know that in order to move up within the company I can’t stay with my current team. This isn’t like my last promotion, where pretty much the only things that changed were my title and paycheck; this would be jumping into an entirely new team. Funnily enough, it’s a team I’ve butted heads with over some processes that are a part of my side position. So hopefully they don’t take the times I’ve pestered them or vice versa into account when looking at my resume; because I really like the work they do. I just wish they understood more of what I do in my support role, so they know not to ask for things I’m incapable of getting done for them.


My current boss is great and has been giving me the “you’re over qualified for this job” nudge for a while now. But now I’m wondering, even with this not so subtle nudge, if I should have at least waited until she’s back from vacation to discuss applying for this position. I had mentioned interest in it during our last meeting, but I didn’t decide until today that I 100% want it, and didn’t want to waste time if there’s a lot of competition. I know in the end my priority should be me and what I want for my career, but I also feel mildly deceptive applying for it without so much as a heads up first.

But I guess now that it’s out of my hands, I really hope I get it.

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