So I am moved! It went tolerably, all things considered, but there are definitely some stress points.

1) There are ants EVERYWHERE. They have been pouring out of the walls since I moved in. The condo owner said she’ll get an exterminator ASAP, but I am upset and super grossed out.

2. Buster bit one of the movers. He didn’t break the skin and the guy was very nice, but I felt horrible. And when I texted the daycare owner, who I thought of as a friend, she was such an asshole about it. Went on and on about how stupid I was to have the dogs in the house when the movers were there and OF COURSE Buster was going to bite, even though he’s never so much as nipped at a person before. To add insult to injury, I’d asked her to keep the dogs while I moved and she couldn’t, so she knew damned well they were going to be with me while the movers were there, and she didn’t say anything suggesting it would be a problem or that I should find other accommodations for them. And OK, not her job, but still, berating me when she knew my plans and never suggested they were a bad idea is just shitty.


3) I bought a milkshake at Sonic a half hour ago, brought it home, set it on the coffee table, and it promptly flipped and dumped 16 oz of liquid ice cream all over my freshly cleaned rug. When I am in the middle of an ant infestation.

ARGH ARGH ARG FUCKING ARGH. None of this is an auspicious beginning to my new living situation. Other than the ants this is little stuff, but I’m just stressed and pissed off and unhappy.