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Mozart in the Jungle: Who's seen it?

I have never clicked on a new show as fast as I did Mozart in the Jungle when I greeted with my longtime favorite Gael Garcia Bernal's beatific face smiling at me from Amazon Prime on my TV. I was not disappointed. This show is like Girls, if Girls was actually good and contained likable characters with purpose. Ironically, it stars Lola Kirke, Jemima's sister. It's based on the book by oboist Blair Tindall and Gael's character is based on conductor Gustavo Dudamel. Malcolm McDowell and the criminally underrated Saffron Burrows are also excellent. This show is a treasure that I fear may be lost in all the (deserved) hubbub about Transparent.

I am a sucker for the single-minded commitment to artistic endeavors, but it's just a great show in general.


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